Experience the transformative capabilities of ADEPT UA for converting high-volume customer-facing documents into compliant UA documents, alongside STREAMdiff’s rapid print stream comparison for identifying differences efficiently. Utilize CDP APIs for extensive programming support, and leverage ADEPT Suite’s batch-print data stream conversion and extraction features. Ensure seamless transitions with DocDiff’s precise detection of document changes during redesigns or migrations.

Do you need to add Universal Accessibility to your enterprise transactional or legacy documents?

Do you want to automate the testing of your high volume documents?

Need to verify the content when your document layout or flow has changed?

Do you need your print streams converted to another format?

Do you need to integrate our applications into yours?

axesWord eliminates the need to remediate the file as its created accessibly and compliant every time. 

axesPDF is your time-saving tool for checking, correcting, and facilitating accessibility remediation for PDF documents.

Generate legally compliant and accessible PDF documents directly from Microsoft PowerPoint with axesSlide. 

MadeToTag is an Adobe InDesign plug-in to properly prepare InDesign documents for export as an accessible, tagged PDF file