Print Data Stream Transform, Viewing, and Archival Applications

Print Data Stream Transformations
CDP Communications Inc. specializes in print data stream transformation solutions. It provides transformations from: IBM AFP and Line Data, XeroxMetacode, LCDS or DJDE, PostScript™, PDF™ and PCL to other presentation formats such as: HTML, XML, PDF™, PostScript™, PCL,TIFF, Line Data and other formats.

Application Programming Interfaces

CDP Application Programming Interfaces include extensive programming libraries for the development of Data Stream Conversion and View and Print Rendering applications.


ADEPT Suite is a high speed, batchprint data stream conversion and extraction product.


DocDiff discovers the flow from paragraph to paragraph in the original document and compares it to the flow in the new document, making it possible to change composition tools with the assurance that the only changes that happen are the changes that you expect.


STREAMdiff is a high speed print stream comparison application that quickly isolates differences between print streams and determines the cause of each difference.

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