DocDiff: Transactional Print Stream Comparison

 Most print stream comparison products can help you determine that minor changes made to your transactional and line of business documents have not changed the layout or content of the print file. They are regression test tools. If you have made significant changes to your documents such as printing on different media or using a different composition tool, then you need a different tool because the flow of the text will likely change. Adding paragraphs or lines of text to a form will cause the flow of the document to change. If you have fixed widowed or orphaned text, then the document flow will change. If you change column layout to reduce the number pages, then the document will change so drastically that standard print comparison tools will not work. DocDiff is the Transactional Print Stream Comparison solution you are looking for.

Our software discovers the flow from paragraph to paragraph in the original document and compares it to the flow in the new document. It determines if the flow has changed and then tells you about each difference. It also makes sure that the content of each paragraph and table cell is the same. If it detects differences, then it informs you.

DocDiff is a significant advance in print stream comparison. Its ability to detect differences found across page and paragraph boundaries makes it possible for you to change composition tools with the assurance that the only changes that happen are the changes that you expect.

Like its companion product, STREAMdiff, DocDiff does not expect you to write complex conditions to describe changes. It provides you a visual interface and a drag and drop capability that makes it easy to define expected changes.