Fast and Easy Accessibility Remediation With axesPDF

axesPDF is your time-saving tool for checking, correcting, and facilitating accessibility remediation for PDF documents. Ensure compliance with accessibility standards such as PDF/UA and WCAG. Problems are easily identified and most can be fixed with a single click.

Fast and Easy Accessibility Remediation With axesPDF

Thoroughly inspect PDF documents and instantly fix PDF/UA errors with a tool designed to do just that.

  • Find and fix with one click – axesPDF enables you to fix more than 50 types of PDF/UA errors that are otherwise difficult to repair.
  • Simplify the review process – Checking for PDF/UA becomes easy. The structured test report shows the result of all 89 machine-testable error conditions in one summary.
  • Everything in one view – With axesPDF you get a document accessibility dashboard. On this you can see the document itself, the tag tree, the validation results, the tag properties and other detailed data.
  • Determine the location of an error – Issues reported by the check take you directly to the appropriate location in the document and tag tree.

Meeting the Standards

axesPDF is the most powerful tool for validating and fixing the most complex challenges faced by remediators. To make a PDF fully accessible and compliant with PDF/UA, WCAG, ADA, Section 508, and AODA, axesPDF simplifies the process by making content compliant in a few clicks. Start with a tagged PDF, find accessibility issues easily and fix most of them instantly with a single click.

Support & User Guides

User Guides can be accessed and downloaded directly from the axes4 website at:

Guides – axesPDF – Products & Services – axes4

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