Licensing Source Code

In order to apply flexible licensing alternatives to support the business models of our diverse customer base, CDP offers the following four distinct Licensing Alternatives.

  • AFP to HTML, PDF, Image, TIFF
  • Metacode to HTML, PDF, Text, Image, TIFF and Normalized Metacode
  • PDF to multiple PDF pages, XML

We have completed several source licensing agreements. The long-term benefits of source code licensing are great:

  • Industrial strength source code to be integrated directly into your product
  • Flexibility of design and implementation
  • Up-front fee, eliminating long-term royalty costs

Industry leaders have invested in our source code licenses since 1997. Some companies have taken delivery of the source code, completed the transfer of knowledge training and have never required any additional support. They have found great benefits from becoming self-sufficient and royalty free. The majority of companies continue on a maintenance contract with CDP, taking more time to thoroughly train developers on the intricacies of our program modules.

While CDP continues to own the core technology, licensees are able to copyright their modifications and derivations.

We offer complete knowledge transfer and training at the source level for all of our conversion engines, as well as an optional source maintenance contract.

Our source code will allow you to take advantage of the growing print conversion and statement presentment market. Over time, you will be able to convert your existing client-base to our viewer and avoid further outgoing royalties. CDP does require up-front settlement for royalty-free use of our AFP and Xerox source code.

We welcome your questions and promise to be very reasonable in any negotiations you may wish to have with us.

For further information on our source licenses, please contact Rick Saarimaki directly at the address below.

Rick Saarimaki,
CDP Communications Inc.

tel:    905-707-9744
fax:   905-604-7711

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