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Create tagged, accessible PDF/UA directly from InDesign with MadeToTag

MadeToTag is an Adobe InDesign plug-in to properly prepare InDesign documents and directly export as an accessible PDF/UA.

Accessibility Made Simple

MadeToTag streamlines the preparation of InDesign documents for accessible, tagged PDF files, ensuring compliance with standards like PDF/UA. This simplification facilitates legal compliance and fulfills the moral obligation of providing accessible documents to all users.

Intuitive Workflow

The seven-step guide in MadeToTag's user interface ensures a structured workflow, minimizing the complexity of accessibility compliance and making it accessible to users of all levels. This approach ensures no crucial steps are missed, enhancing the accessibility of PDF documents for all users.

Ensures Access for Everyone

Tagged PDFs enable screen reader devices for visually impaired individuals and reading software for users with learning disabilities to effectively access and navigate document content. MadeToTag ensures that assistive technologies can interpret and present information meaningfully.

Key Advantages

Simplifies Preparation:

  • Visual feedback for tags and languages by colour highlighting
  • Structured content preview for correct reading order feedback
  • Keyboard short cuts for quickest operation


Makes Workflow Efficient:

  • Intuitive 7-step, guided User Interface
  • Alternative text image review
  • Powerful re-use of Acrobat form field master
  • Linking of footnotes for easier navigation
  • and more

Solves Critical InDesign Problems:

  • Formatted lists
  • Style names
  • Visual contrasts
  • Complex table structures
  • Non-data tables as tables
  • Table of contents
  • Anchored frames

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