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Create accessible PDFs from Microsoft Word with axesWord

axesWord empowers every Microsoft Word User to create a fully accessible PDF in seconds. axesWord eliminates the need to remediate the file as it’s created accessibly and compliant every time. Your authors are great at creating the content, let axesWord take care of the accessibility of the file.

Effortless Compliance

It’s the only Microsoft Word plug-in that swiftly creates fully accessible and PDF/UA and WCAG compliant files with a single click, saving time and ensuring accessibility standards are met without extensive manual effort.

Cost and Time Savings

Through enterprise-wide licensing, axesWord enables teams to produce compliant content internally, reducing the need for expensive outsourcing and streamlining the creation of accessible PDFs.

Efficient Authoring

Use a user-friendly UI that speeds up the creation of accessible content by automating tasks such as font embedding, default styles, language assignments, and more. Creating accessible documents has never been easier.

What makes axesWord Unique

Easily create accessible PDFs

axesWord makes it easy for internal authors to output documents that adhere to a clean, logical structure in the PDF, ensuring the best possible reading experience for all users.

Continue to work with the tools you know

axesWord enhances MSWord with a PDF/UA driver and leverages all of the native accessibility features. This is an easy way for the average user to add accessibility features to every document.

Author accessible documents efficiently

With axesWord, content authors have access to a single dashboard that allows for faster authoring of accessible content by automating components like font embedding, default styles, language assignments, and more.

Save time and money

With enterprise-wide licensing, axesWord allows your entire team to create compliant content. This reduces the need to outsource remediation, saving you both time and money.

The Microsoft Word plug-in for PDF/UA compliance

axesWord is the only conversion tool for Microsoft Word that can create fully accessible and PDF/UA and WCAG compliant files in one click.

axesWord highlight features

  • Advanced structure analysis based on AI – Semi-automated tagging based on advanced structure analysis during PDF conversion.
  • Determine tagging rules in Word – Map Word styles to PDF tags individually and save these settings in the template.
  • Elimination of empty paragraphs on the fly Empty paragraphs are deleted during PDF conversion.
  • Lean user interface with hidden complexity - All the complex processing is hidden behind a lean UI with a few clear buttons.
  • Linearization of layout tables – Advanced layout options are created by determining the reading order for layout tables.
  • Header cell assignments for simple and complex tables – Get fully accessible and compliant tables based on preconfigured Word styles.
  • Best in class accessible footnotes – Get footnotes that are fully accessible and navigable – even with a screen reader.
  • Rich semantics – Support of all PDF roles – even Label, List continuation, Caption and BlockQuote.
  • Use of building blocks that are preconfigured for accessibility – Simplify accessible document authoring by preconfigured building blocks.
  • Customizable tagging of page header & footer – Determine if page headers and footers are real content or artifacted.

Ready to start creating legally compliant and accessible PDFs directly from Microsoft Word?

Support & User Guides

Download User Guides directly from the axes4 website at:

Guides – axesWord – Products & Services – axes4

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