Simplify Billing Communication - Get Paid Faster

At CDP, we lead in perfecting Omnichannel communication, ensuring seamless access across mobile, tablet, and desktop. We’re also pioneers in championing Universal Accessibility (UA) and exceptional User Experience (UX) for all digital documents. Our mission is to help you meet accessibility standards and adapt to the modern ways people use information. Want to enhance your customer communication?

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Introducing CDP’s Omnichannel UA/UX Solution

Acknowledging that most users seldom pore over documents like investment statements, utility bills, or insurance policies from start to finish, CDP has crafted an innovative Omnichannel UA/UX solution. This approach involves meticulous tagging for complete document accessibility (UA), coupled with a focused UA/UX Sub-Set that highlights the information most sought after:

  • Who is this from?
  • Who is this addressed to?
  • How much is owing?
  • When is it due?

We also provide the capability to embed a direct payment process link within this subset, facilitating a smooth transition from information gathering to action.

Empowering Accessibility, Enhancing Experience Across All Channels

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Omnichannel communications simplify complex documents for better customer understanding. Timely, clear, personalized, summaries across multiple channels lead to faster payments and an improved user experience.

Streamlining Communication

Our UA/UX Sub-Set, designed for cost-effective email distribution, enables Utility Companies, Cities, Towns, and Municipalities to dispatch low-cost reminders to their comprehensive email lists efficiently.


  • 30-day notice
  • 7-day notice
  • Last day notice

These strategically timed notifications assist in the prompt collection of dues, helping customers sidestep late fees while ensuring that the information is readily accessible on any device.

The Advantage of Omnichannel UA/UX Solutions

CDP’s Omnichannel UA/UX solutions illustrate how accessibility initiatives can be economically viable and potentially self-funding. By improving user engagement and ensuring universal accessibility, we help your organization forge stronger connections with your audience, encourage timely payments, and curtail costs associated with conventional communication methods.

Discover the transformative potential of CDP Universal Accessibility for your digital documents, making them universally accessible and user-friendly across all platforms.