“As an integrated working environment, ADEPT Suite is designed to significantly reduce the complexity and time that has traditionally been involved in managing a data stream transformation project,” said Rick Saarimaki, President and CEO, CDP Communications.

ADEPT Suite is a print data stream conversion and extraction product that includes graphical user interface applications for:

Once an ADEPT Suite job has been configured and tested, high speed multiplatform transforms can be rapidly deployed to convert and extract large volumes of data.

View supported data streams

The Data Stream Formats table shows the supported transforms available to ADEPT Suite users.

ADEPT Suite Workflow

With ADEPT Suite, your data never needs altering. Using ADEPT Job Setup, parameters are specified for the format of the incoming data stream and resulting documents.

ADEPT Visual Studio is used to map fonts and define fields for extracting data into indices and XML.

Batch applications are executed to convert incoming data streams into electronic documents and to extract data into index files and XML.

Supported Platforms

ADEPT Suite batch conversion runs on the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • AIX
  • z-OS

The ADEPT Suite demo provides a guided tour of ADEPT Suite, emphasizing ease of use, visual orientation, power, performance, and portability.

The approximate running time is 5 minutes. For effective viewing, a platform equipped with a sound card and speakers is recommended.

ADEPT Suite Features and Benefits Guide

Contact us for a freely distributable release of this video or an evaluation version of ADEPT Suite or to schedule a demonstration of ADEPT Suite. Also, check out our frequently asked questions.