Accessibility Automation for Transactional Digital Documents

CDP Communications specializes in advanced automation solutions for transactional and enterprise documents, with a strong focus on digital document accessibility, comparison, and transformation. Our dedication to high-quality standards and global best practices, combined with our collaborative approach in working closely with our customers, positions us as industry leaders. By partnering with organizations worldwide, we tailor our solutions to effectively streamline their document management processes, ensuring their needs are met with precision and care.

Accessibility, Automation, Testing and Verification Tools to Meet Your Needs

Do you need to add Universal Accessibility to your enterprise transactional or legacy documents?

Do you want to automate the testing of your high volume documents?

Need to verify the content when your document layout or flow has changed?

Do you need your print streams converted to another format?

Do you need to integrate our applications into yours?

Why Choose CDP for your Accessibility Automation and Transactional Document needs?

Trusted Expertise

Decades of expertise in digital document automation and accessibility, offering unmatched insights and solutions.

Enterprise Document Remediation Software

Next-generation automation for high-volume transactional document accessibility. “Set it and forget it”

Desktop Document Remediation Software

Creation, validation, and remediation of desktop PDF/UA documents with easy-to-use software.

Global Standards Compliance

Universal Accessibility including ADA, AODA, Section 508, WCAG, PDF/UA (ISO 14289) and more.

Quality Control Compare Automation

Document Quality Assurance automation tools designed to highlight differences and verify consistency.

More On Document Accessibility & Testing

Your go-to resource for accessibility information, industry insights, advice, and more.

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