Accelerate your workflow with CDP

Faster Time to Market

  • Our orientation and integration process is designed to facilitate quick and easy implementation of our technology, reducing your time to market. Accelerate your workflow by streamlining tasks for swift completion.

Comprehensive Training and Ongoing Support

  • We provide you with comprehensive advanced training and support from our chief developers.
  • You have access to the entire team behind all of our data conversion solutions.

Tailored Product Demonstrations and Documentation

  • We play an active role in your product demonstrations until your team is up to speed.
  • We help you develop product demonstrations and accompanying literature tailored to each individual client.

Unparalleled Sales and Marketing Support

  • We provide you with both marketing and technical documentation outlining the benefits of our conversion technology.
  • We help you integrate this information into your own marketing packages.

If you’re a Service Provider, Reseller, Original Equipment Manufacturer, or Systems Integrator and you would like see our products in action, please contact us at partnership department

Partnership Strategies

CDP’s partners use CDP’s print data stream transform, viewing, and archival applications and APIs in their product offerings. We are committed to establishing prosperous relationships with leading technology vendors whose focus is online customer communication.

Whether you are a Service Provider, Reseller, Original Equipment Manufacturer, Developer, or Systems Integrator, our Alliance Program will provide you with the superior print data stream technology and the support to help you to grow your business and increase your profits.

We want to tell you about our unique approach to partnering.


Since CDP developed all its products, we can build OEM packages that address each Original Equipment Manufacturer’s specific requirements for Print Data Stream Transforms, Viewing, and Archival applications.


CDP has also developed its products so Value Added Resellers and Systems Integrators can build complex solutions that use CDP products and Application Program Interfaces to support their solutions.

Service Providers

Service Bureaus and Providers use CDP products to transform print data streams, to provide facility management, and ASP solutions.


CDP uses its Application Program Interfaces to provide print data stream transforms, and viewing and archival applications. CDP licenses its APIs available to developers in binary and source formats.


CDP provides different partnership strategies that support a variety of commercial needs. Since CDP recognizes that OEMs have different needs than VARs, VARS have different requirements than developers, and developers need APIs to support their applications, we can tailor a program to match your needs.