ADEPT UA offers the ultimate solution for automated, high-volume, document, accessibility remediation. It addresses all types of enterprise transactional digital documents such as bills, statements, notices, policy contracts, tickets, and passes before being released to the public. This ensures universal accessibility for all users, making it ideal for organizations that require an on-premises, secure enterprise solution. ADEPT UA’s modern, robust architecture is designed to accommodate dynamic documents eliminating the need for ongoing intervention.

Screenshot of Automated PDF/UA document accessibility and remediation software ADEPT UA

Key Features of ADEPT UA

Automated Tagging

Automatically add PDF/UA tagging for elements including Headings, Paragraphs, Images, Tables, and more. With parameters for fine-tuning.

Reading Order

Control reading order of elements ensuring a coherent content flow. Options to fine-tune.

Scalable Solution

Distill remediation efforts into a template which can be applied to a high-volume of documents using automation.

Advanced Table Logic

Streamlined table setup, accommodating various types of complex tables such as those with varying column counts, spanning across pages, intersecting columns, and more.

Dynamic Documents

Automatically parses and remediates documents element by element, reducing the need for manual intervention. Unlike traditional static-document approaches, ADEPT UA can remediate a broader range of documents with minimal intervention, making it a set-it-and-forget-it solution.

Highly Configurable

ADEPT UA seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure (batch or API on-demand), offering flexibility and configurability without the need for costly and time-consuming system reengineering.


Easily extract content from documents, re-use important fields, and export them as HTML. This feature is especially handy for generating summary emails to accompany PDF/UA attachments.

QC Reporting

Effortlessly report various Quality Control issues like overlapping text, white space management, addresses outside the window, table cell problems, and more. It can be combined with CDP UA Compare software for comprehensive UA QC details. Customizable reporting options are available.


Graphical User Interface (GUI)

ADEPT UA’s intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) serves as a powerful digital remediation studio. Leverage remediation efforts into a reusable production accessibility template and effortlessly produce PDF/UA files for proof of concept.


Add ADEPT UA to your production workflow to Accelerate Accessibility by Transforming high-volume and repetitive documents into accessible and compliant formats without changing your infrastructure.


Utilize ADEPT UA API to seamlessly convert archived historic PDFs into PDF/UA format on-demand during retrieval, effortlessly by integrating into your existing architecture.

Benefits of ADEPT UA

Modern, robust architecture for dynamic document flow and content. Eliminate ongoing intervention and expensive professional services, typical with static document automation. Enjoy a "Set it and forget it" approach.

Streamline digital document accessibility integration. Empowering user experience with inclusivity fosters equality and promotes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) values. Bolster brand and corporate culture through inclusive communication. Expand customer base and company reach. Accessible documents set a standardized expectation, benefiting adaptive technology users.

Avoid Risk with worry-free accessible document creation. Ensure compliance with global accessibility standards. ADEPT UA creates PDF/UA (ISO 14289) which meets or exceeds all compliance requirements outlined in WCAG without any conflicts. This conforms with the various global legal and compliance benchmarks.

Automation replaces costly manual remediation as ADEPT UA provides digital document accessibility at scale.

Accessible PDF/UA Gives Equitable Experience

Creating accessible documents involves more than just reading text using assistive technologies. It requires the use of document structure tags for proper tagging, alternative text for images and reading order. These tags identify various elements like headings, paragraphs, sections, and tables, enabling seamless navigation and comprehension for users with print disabilities. By combining precise tagging, proper formatting, and a clear reading order, we ensure digital document accessibility and equal content access for all.

Illustration of how a document can be properly remediated

When listening  to a document using adaptive technology and it is not accessible, the results can be confusing. 

By adding proper tagging and reading order, documents can be accessible for all and adaptive technology interprets them properly.  

Use Cases By Industry


In the financial / banking industry, sharing public-facing digital content that is not accessible presents legal risk. CDP's ADEPT UA software offers a comprehensive solution. Outdated tools hinder accessibility compliance, leaving financial documents, often containing complex tables, inaccessible. However, ADEPT UA's powerful table handling features enable seamless conversion of high-volume documents into accessible formats, ensuring compliance with regulations. Financial service firms can now effortlessly create universally accessible content, safeguarding against litigation risks and ensuring customer retention.


ADEPT UA software by CDP automates accessibility for high-volume, public-facing insurance documents. Presenting documents such as policy contracts and benefit booklets without accessibility features is no longer acceptable or legally compliant. With dynamic document handling and advanced table features, ADEPT UA ensures automated compliance with accessibility regulations. Insurance companies can now release universally accessible content, reducing legal risks and providing equal access to all customers.


ADEPT UA software by CDP empowers governments at all levels to enhance public-facing communications, including tax bills. It automates accessibility for high-volume government documents, ensuring compliance with accessibility regulations. With ADEPT UA's dynamic document handling, governments can deliver universally accessible content, fostering transparency and engagement with citizens. Additionally, ADEPT UA enables the repurposing of key fields as HTML email summaries, which accompany the attached PDF documents. This comprehensive approach demonstrates commitment to inclusivity, reduces legal risks, and enhances trust in public services.


ADEPT UA software by CDP revolutionizes the education sector, championing Inclusion, Equity, Diversity, and Accessibility (IEDA). It automates accessibility for critical documents like report cards, enrollment/admissions materials, and alumni communications, ensuring full compliance with accessibility regulations. With ADEPT UA's dynamic document handling, educational institutions can provide universally accessible content, fostering an inclusive and equitable environment for all students, alumni, and stakeholders. Moreover, ADEPT UA allows for the repurposing of key fields as HTML email summaries, further enhancing accessibility. This transformative approach highlights the institution's commitment to IEDA, promoting diversity, reducing legal risks, and strengthening trust in the education provided.


ADEPT UA software by CDP is a versatile solution that caters to various industries and document types. Any high-volume, enterprise, transactional PDF, or predictably formatted PDF can be seamlessly converted to PDF/UA, ensuring accessibility compliance. With ADEPT UA, you can effortlessly transform transactional documents like letters, statements, paychecks, notices, bills, client notifications, receipts, boarding passes, and more into universally accessible formats. ADEPT UA's automated approach guarantees that these documents are accessible and compliant without the need for manual intervention, streamlining processes and enhancing inclusivity across diverse contexts.

How to get started

Free accessibility evaluation for your document including viability for your document to be remediated using automation. Send us a sample document.

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