Product Releases

New Features

  • Redesign of OKVC
    • Better support for Page Resynchronization Rules within reordered documents.
  • Suppress Text Elements
    • The user can now suppress text items that meet a specific criteria. The suppressed items will not be part of the association or compare.
    • This feature will allow users to ignore text items created with a font height or size of zero. Or text items drawn with a white colour.
  • Suppress Report Summary and Report Statistics from output PDF Report
    • The user can now optionally prevent the report statistics page and report summary page from being added to the output PDF report.
  • Comments, No-Ops and TLEs will be associated even if the order of the elements are different
    • This provides an easier way for the user to detect differences in the Non-Visual items as they are now associated (even if the order in the data file is not the same)
  • Ignore Font in Space Character when Combining Strings
    • In some cases, the space character is drawn with a different font, which prevents text items from being combined. The user can optionally ignore the font for spaces when combining text.
  • Font Type Identification improvement
    • Font analysis will now detect if a font is embedded or referenced and will display a difference accordingly
    • For PDF/A or PDF/UA compliance the user needs to ensure that the fonts are embedded. The application will display a difference if the font has changed to be referenced.
  • Option to Ignore Invisible Graphics when Visual Verification is enabled
    • Graphic items marked as “Invisible” were suppressed when Visual Verification was enabled. In some cases, visible graphics were incorrectly labeled as “invisible” and the differences were ignored form the compare. The user now has the option to disable this feature.
  • OKVC can use TLEs and Special Fields as an input
    • When creating OKVC rules, then non-visual elements like TLEs and Special Fields can be used.

New Features

Trigger Enhancements

  • Regular Expressions or Text Masks
  • Use the Font Name instead of the text value
  • Use the Page Number to trigger – like the first page of the file

Make Association and Break Association optimizations

  • A trigger condition will be created automatically when dragging paragraphs. This makes creation of the rules much easier when several paragraphs need to be changed.

Postscript Input

  • Postscript text compare can now be performed.

PCL Input

  • PCL text compare can now be performed.

PDF Output Report

  • A PDF report can be created with a side-by-side view.

Ignore Angled Watermarks

  • The user can optionally ignore angled text usually used for watermarks.

Enable/disable Autorotate

  • The user can disable the auto-rotate feature and set a hard-coded rotation for the data.

Flow Enhancements

  • Major flow and association enhancements have been made to allow the application to better detect paragraphs and other items. Existing projects will not be affected by these changes, but new project will use the new flow method.

Automatic DocID

  • Document ID automatically defined for files with less than 30 pages (this can be configured).

Check Font Styles

  • Check only the font style (Bold, Italic or Underline) instead of all font attributes.

Overlapping Line Support

  • Option to reduce the bounding box to handle scenarios with overlapping lines.

Default Trigger Naming

  • When creating a trigger, by default the name of the trigger is the first 15 characters of the text value.

Set Project Setup Location

  • Option to set a different location for the project setup and parameter files.
  • Visually compare individual image pixels
  • Merge page now appears in a separate middle pane
  • Trigger on an empty page
  • Easier OKVC rule setup
  • API to integrate the batch compare
  • Regular expressions for non-visual elements
  • Custom DPI for side-by-side PDF difference report
  • Compare clipping regions in PDF or Postscript data
  • Improved Flow logic to better identify paragraphs
  • Colour identification of different metadata elements
  • Specify output file name on command line regardless of the document name
  • Automatic URL detection
  • Easily transform your high volume customer facing documents into compliant User Accessible (UA) documents on demand
  • Visually setup templates without any scripting
  • Improved Flow logic to better identify paragraphs
  • Automatic detection of table rows and columns
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved Flow as Paragraph Association
  • Override Associations (Make or Break an association)
  • Define Layouts to group data
  • Restricted Flow Areas (Only compare within a specific area)
  • Touched/Contained setting for Flow and Association rules
  • Linux platform support
  • Easily transform your high volume customer facing documents into compliant User Accessible (UA) documents on demand
  • Visually setup templates without any scripting
  • Added comparison of Postscript printing options and stapling
  • Added AFP tray number to Print Options
  • Ability to use an image as trigger value for Page Sync and Document Identifiers
  • Detail Difference window is now non-modal
  • Complex Trigger Support
  • Font Comparison and Acceptance
  • Import/Export of Settings and Rules
  • Mask Area/Section during Comparison
  • CDP is currently working with a few companies prior to General Availability. If you are willing to be a reference contact CDP for more information.
  • Enhanced AFP DS Output Support
  • File Input Type Overrides
  • NOP Encoding Overrides
  • External Resource Scanning Configuration
  • Required Change Rule for Non-visual elements
  • Enhanced Rule Selections
  • File Input Type Recognition enhancements
  • Region Shift Compare enhancements
  • AFPDS Output Support
  • Project Support for Absolute or Relative paths
  • Document Flow Comparison
  • Dockable Windows/Screens
  • Browser Based Reports
  • Enable / Disable Rules
  • Project Support for Absolute or Relative paths
  • Enhanced Command Line options
  • Enhanced Graphics Association
  • Advanced Search
  • Mandatory Indexing
  • Enhanced Automatic Font Mapping
  • Paragraph Compare
  • Advanced Compare Filters
  • Advanced Tolerances
  • Character Acceptance
  • Association Filters
  • Enhanced Graphics Engine
  • AFP Color Override
  • Enhanced PCL font encoding
  • Enhanced Font Mapping
  • Region Compare
  • Global Acceptance
  • Ordered Key Value Compare – Multiple Key values
  • Enhanced Font Mapping
  • Indexing and Triggering Enhancements
  • Ordered Key Value Compare
  • Required Changes – Mandatory
  • White Space Management
  • Masks and Regular Expressions
  • Batch Comparison support on Linux
  • Enhanced project setup capabilities
  • Expanded Comparison Tolerances

CDP Communications announces plans for the localization of STREAMdiff in the 4th quarter.

  • AFP Type 1 font pass through
  • AFP PDF Container support
  • Enhanced PCL support for tray assignments and comments
  • Support added for z/OS and Redhat
  • Enhanced extraction capabilities for TLEs and Comments
  • AFP BC:OCA support
  • PDF/A support
  • Provide ability to define Required change rules
  • Filter comparisons for text, graphics and images
  • Side-by-Side Detailed Difference reports