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CDP Acquisition of Paloma Print

CDP Communications Inc. is excited to announce the successful acquisition of Paloma Print Products. Over the past 18 years, Paloma Print has become one of CDP’s most trusted and valued partners. This acquisition paves the way for improved client experiences through streamlined communication channels for product development and support.

“For the past 18 years, Paloma has been a leader in the document testing automation market,” said Joe Pigeon, President of Paloma Product Marketing LLC. “We believe that the best way to expand our leadership position is by integrating more closely with our top-tier software development partner, CDP Communications. We also feel that this integration will enhance Paloma’s industry-leading customer support.”

“We’re thrilled to establish a more direct relationship with the customers, whose products Paloma customers have been using since 2004,” said Martin Heenan, Vice President of Business Development at CDP Communications. “We’ll be reaching out soon to update all customers on the transition from Paloma to CDP and share exciting new products coming to the market,” Heenan added.

CDP Communications Inc. offers software solutions that efficiently generate User Accessible documents, transform print data streams, secure print document archival and retrieval, and compare print data stream files, significantly reducing time compared to manual processes.

Since 1984, CDP has focused on creating software solutions for Independent Software Vendors, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Service Bureaus, and Developers. Over the years, CDP has continuously evolved its software and expanded its catalog to meet the growing demands for advanced printing and information solutions.

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