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 Screen capture of the ADEPT UA GUI showing the remediation of a sample document for Document Accessibility to create an accessibility template and PDF UA outputADEPT UA

CDP’s ADEPT UA is the ultimate solution for automated high-volume document accessibility remediation.  Address all types of enterprise, transactional digital documents such as bills, statements, notices, policy contracts, tickets and passes before being released to the public.

ADEPT UA is ideal for all levels of government, utility providers, financial institutions, insurance companies, telecommunications, travel, and hospitality providers, or any organizations that require the additional security of an on-premises solution.

ADEPT UA understands the semantics, structure, content positioning, font styles, font sizes, imagery and other requirements needed for digital document accessibility.  Running on any platform, it can quickly and automatically create WCAG-compliant, PDF/UA from PDF, IBM AFP, PostScript, and Xerox Metacode inputs.  This application is highly configurable as it runs batch or on-demand allowing for a scalable solution to the decades of documents that already exist in your archive or that are created daily.

This API is highly configurable through an easy-to-use GUI.  ADEPT UA pairs and integrates well with existing applications including the CDP suite of products.

Mitigate risk and meet the required compliance for ADA, Section 508, ACA, AODA, Bill 6: Accessible British Columbia Act, Bill 26: Accessibility for Manitobans Act, Bill 59: Nova Scotia Accessibility Act) using ADEPT UA.

How would you like to see how your sample document is transformed to be compliant PDF/UA using ADEPT UA?  Contact CDP for more information!

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