DocDiff 1.6 New Features: Brandmark for CDP Communications

Announcement: DocDiff 1.6 New Features

DocDiff 1.6 New Features: CDP Communications is delighted to share the latest developments and new features for its automated document comparison software, DocDiff version 1.6.

“The latest enhancement for DocDiff marks a significant milestone with the introduction of an advanced association algorithm and expanded support for Microsoft Word documents. These substantial improvements were primarily driven by the valuable feedback and specific needs of our valued customers, underscoring our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that address real-world challenges,” says Abhay Mathur, VP of Development at CDP Communications.


Most print stream comparison tools can only catch minor documents alterations. However, when you venture into significant document transformations such as switching media types or adopting a different composition tool, these conventional tools may fall short. This is where DocDiff steps in as a game-changer.

Understanding the Flow: DocDiff is engineered to delve deep into your documents, mapping the flow from one paragraph to another in the original and comparing it meticulously with the flow in the new rendition. It’s not just about spotting changes; it’s about understanding how the document’s narrative flows.

Paragraph and Cell-Level Accuracy: Beyond flow, DocDiff ensures that the content within each paragraph and table cell remains intact. It meticulously analyzes everything, ensuring it preserves even the tiniest detail.

Change Detection with Precision: If DocDiff detects any differences, it doesn’t just stop there. It goes a step further, presenting you with a comprehensive breakdown of each identified change.

Seamless Composition Tool Transition: DocDiff is a groundbreaking leap in print stream comparison. Its unique ability to detect variations spanning page and paragraph boundaries empowers you to switch composition tools with confidence. You can trust that it only makes the changes you intend.

User-Friendly: Much like its companion product, STREAMdiff, DocDiff is designed with users in mind. It eliminates the need for complex conditional scripting to describe changes. Instead, it offers an intuitive visual interface with drag-and-drop functionality, making it a breeze to define expected alterations.

When precision and control over document changes are paramount, DocDiff stands as the premier solution, ensuring that every transformation aligns with your expectations. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to confident document management with DocDiff.

Release Note Summary for DocDiff 1.6 New Features

  • Improved Association Algorithm: We’ve implemented a new algorithm that significantly enhances the comparison process. You won’t need to constantly adjust input flow settings anymore.
  • Automatic Paragraph and Flow Detection: We’ve improved the system’s ability to detect paragraphs and flow automatically.
  • Multiple Report Types: Now, you can generate multiple report types simultaneously. No more running the application twice for different output reports.
  • Extra Paragraph and Association Information: We’ve added an option to provide additional information about paragraphs and associations.
  • Default Resource Directory Setting: You can now set a default resource directory, eliminating the need for manual setup when creating new projects.
  • Default Paragraph Splitting for New Projects: Paragraphs split into another column won’t appear as differences in new projects by default.
  • Ignore Blank or Invisible Text: An option to ignore blank or invisible text items has been added, making it easier to focus on important differences.
  • Remember Zoom Setting: The application now remembers your last zoom setting, so you don’t have to adjust it every time you open it.
  • Improved Scrolling: Scroll-clicking will now move the page two-thirds of the visible page, improving navigation.
  • Matching Project and Control Data File Names: The project file name will now match the control data file name.
  • Support for MS Word Documents: You can now compare differences in both DOC and DOCX formats, expanding compatibility.

Release Note Summary for DocDiff 1.6 Fixes:

  • Association Algorithm Upgrade:
    • New algorithm implemented to improve comparison without frequent input adjustments.
  • Application Stability and Performance:
    • Fixed crashes related to Document ID rule changes and report generation.
    • Resolved layout/flow area settings not applying properly.
    • Corrected default First Page Document ID synchronization issues.
    • Fixed green shade area for accepted differences appearing in wrong positions.
    • Enhanced flow/mask sections for accurate start and end condition application.
    • Corrected regular expression triggers for mask area rules.
    • Fixed font difference detection to avoid false positives.
    • Resolved bullet filtering issues in comparisons.
    • Corrected handling of extended dashes in DOCX file names.
    • Fixed inaccuracies in PDF difference reports.
    • Addressed incomplete HTML generation in Red Hat Linux version.
    • Improved highlighting and coloring of text differences.
    • Enhanced text detection in PDF files.
    • Fixed display issue causing large red squares on pages.
    • Added checks to prevent crashes when creating new projects with existing files.
  • User Interface and Display Corrections:
    • Adjusted placement of symbol characters in difference lists.

These updates significantly enhance the software’s reliability, user experience, and performance, demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. This release brings powerful enhancements and fixes, ensuring a more efficient and accurate document comparison experience. The latest developments and new features for its automated document comparison software, DocDiff version 1.6 are available now.

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