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CDP Communications Inc is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with ADA Compliance Pros (ADACP).  Third-party website audits, as performed by ADACP, for accessibility provide the best and most accurate way to validate websites for accessibility compliance.  CDP now includes this service as part of our offering and as further commitment to digital accessibility.

Accessibility involves a wide range of disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning, and neurological.  Manual audits check for various requirements in accordance with the highest conformance standards, including colour contrast, screen reader compatibility readability, alternative text, keyboard access, links and menus, adequate prompting and labeling.  ADACP ensures website meet requirements for web accessibility.  

“For the past 12+ years, ADACP has developed a reputation of exceeding customer expectations through a personalized and hands-on approach,” said Abhay Mathur – VP, Development at CDP Communications. “ADACP’s all encompassing approach includes both automated scans and manual accessibility audits across all standard platforms and adaptive technologies,” Mathur continued.

“ADACP is thrilled to have established a partnership with CDP Communications”, said David LoPresti, CEO of ADACP.  “Beyond a shared commitment to improving accessibility standards for people with disabilities, ADACP’s range of services fits seamlessly with the software solutions offered by CDP.  Working together will only improve the varied ways we can support our clients.” 

CDP Communications Inc. provides software that creates compliant User Accessible documents, enables print data stream transformations, secures the archival/retrieval of print documents, and compares print data stream files, in a fraction of the time that a manual process would take.

CDP has specialized in developing software solutions for Independent Software Vendors, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Service Bureaus, and Developers since 1984 and it has continually evolved its software and added to its catalogue to support the ever-increasing demands for printing and information solutions.

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