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Digital First Engagement

Stuart Patterson

The shift to digital first engagement means that digital accessibility is a must. In today’s digital age, more and more companies are shifting to a “digital first” approach to customer engagement. This means that the majority of customer interactions are now happening online, whether through websites, mobile apps, or social media. While this shift has brought many benefits, it also highlights the need for digital accessibility. This will ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, can fully participate in the digital world.

Digital First Engagement: What it is and why it is tremendously important

Digital accessibility of course refers to the practice of designing and developing digital content and tools that are usable by people with disabilities. This includes web accessibility, document accessibility (eg., PDF/UA format), and accessibility in mobile apps and other digital tools. A key standard in digital accessibility is the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), which provides specific guidelines and success criteria for making digital content and tools accessible.

Ensuring accessibility is not just a legal requirement, but also a moral imperative. Companies that prioritize it send a message that they value all of their customers, including those with disabilities. This promotes a company culture that is inclusive and welcoming to everyone and can help to build customer loyalty and trust.

There are benefits to be had for everyone

It can also have tangible benefits for businesses. By ensuring that all customers can access their digital content and tools, companies can increase their reach and engagement. This is particularly important in today’s digital-first world, where more and more customers are choosing to interact with companies online.

In addition, ensuring digital accessibility can help companies to avoid costly legal challenges and improve their search engine optimization (SEO). Websites and other digital content that are accessible to people with disabilities are more likely to be ranked higher in search engines, which can drive more traffic and revenue.

Digital-first engagement means accessibility is no longer optional

In all, the shift to digital-first engagement means that accessibility is no longer optional, but a must-have for businesses. By prioritizing accessibility, companies can create a more inclusive and welcoming company culture, increase their reach and engagement, avoid legal challenges and penalties, and not miss out on SEO benefits. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) provide a strong framework, and companies that embrace these guidelines will be better positioned to succeed in today’s digital-first world.

Book time with one of our experts today at ua@cdpcom.com and get onto the starting line, or take your digital accessibility initiatives the rest of the way. Reach out and get a comprehensive plan envisioned, planned, road mapped and started. We can’t wait to help you get into a better, more compliant and accessible stance for the benefit of your customers and your company alike. As organizations shift to a digital-first engagement model, accessibility must be a priority! Let’s work together to make the online world a better place for everyone!



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