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Free PDF Accessibility Checker: PAC 2024

Introduction: PAC 2024

With the availability of the free PDF accessibility checker PAC 2024, there is no excuse to ignore PDF accessibility. As a result, this 2024 version of PAC stands out with its fresh design and user-focused enhancements.

Free PDF Accessibility Checker Download: PAC 2024

PAC 2024 is now available on its dedicated website, hosted by axes4. Consequently, this update provides users with direct access to the latest version of the PDF Accessibility Checker, emphasizing ease of use and continuous improvements. For more information click here to access PAC 2024, visit the official site.

The Evolution of PAC

  • Starting Point (2010): PAC emerged as a groundbreaking tool for PDF accessibility, offering Syntax Checks and a Screen Reader Preview.
  • From 2011 to 2014, PAC made a global impact. PAC introduced detailed reporting in 2012, and in 2014, PAC 2 became the first PDF/UA compliance tool.
  • Meeting Standards (2017-2021): Evolving continuously, PAC added significant features like WCAG checks by 2021, maintaining alignment with international standards.
  • Independent Distribution (2023): A major leap came in 2023 when PAC moved to its dedicated website. This is hosted by axes4, ensuring free access and ongoing improvements.
  • PAC 2024: Version latest version of PAC 2024

Key Features of PAC 2024

  • Modern Design: The 2024 version sports a new look, aligning with Windows 11 aesthetics for enhanced usability.
  • Efficient Quality Checks: This latest release offers advanced quality checks, streamlining the manual testing process.
  • Comprehensive Views: PAC 2024 includes screen reader and structure views, crucial for assessing the document’s organization.
  • Adherence to Global Standards: The tool continues to support key standards like ISO 14289 (PDF/UA) and WCAG 2.1, level AA.
  • Matterhorn Protocol Integration: This protocol aids in automating two-thirds of the accessibility requirements checks.

Understanding PDF Accessibility

  • Structural Layer Analysis: PAC reveals the crucial structural layer of PDFs for comprehensive accessibility checking.
  • Tag Accuracy: The tool ensures that tags within PDFs are correct and relevant.
  • Machine-Readable Content: PAC verifies that text in PDFs is machine-readable, vital for alternative formats like audio or Braille.
  • Content Differentiation: It helps in distinguishing between essential content and artifacts for clear message delivery.

Windows Exclusivity and MAC Workaround

PAC 2024 is currently available only for Windows users. However, for MAC users seeking a solution, axes4 offers axesCheck, an online PDF accessibility checker tool. This alternative provides a convenient workaround for MAC users, ensuring they can also achieve PDF accessibility compliance.

Introducing PAC Enhanced Functionality and Stability

The latest PAC beta update demonstrates the tool’s ongoing advancement in PDF accessibility. It consistently introducing enhanced features and improved usability. This release solidifies leadership in accessible digital content, addressing evolving user needs and accessibility standards. With each update, PAC reinforces its commitment to innovation and inclusivity in the dynamic field of digital accessibility solutions.

PAC 2024 Improvements:

  • Resizable Interface. The PAC interface can now be vertically resized, offering greater flexibility in how users interact with the tool.
  • Enhanced Stability for Malformed Documents. PAC has increased its stability, enabling the partial checking of malformed PDF documents. Inaccessible sections are clearly marked, providing users with a clear understanding of the document’s accessibility status.
  • Soft Hyphen Highlighting in Screen Reader Preview. In the screen reader preview, soft hyphens are highlighted, distinguishing them from standard hyphens for better differentiation.
  • Consistent User Displays Across Resolutions. The user interface remains consistent and fully functional across all screen resolutions. This ensures a seamless experience for users on any device.

PAC 2024 Bug Fixes:

The bug fixes are:

  • Precise Document Language Check: PAC now checks the language specified in the document’s metadata with greater precision, adhering strictly to PDF/UA and WCAG specifications.
  • Reliable Display of Rotated Pages in Reports: PAC has improved reporting to display pages with rotation more reliably, enhancing the tool’s utility in assessing a wide range of PDF layouts.
  • Additional Minor Bug Fixes: Several smaller bugs have been addressed, resulting in further polishing of the user experience and enhancement of tool functionality.
  • The latest PAC hotfix adjusts the language attribute check, now accepting broader language codes like “en” alongside specifics like “en-US,” enhancing WCAG compliance and user flexibility in PDF accessibility.


PAC 2024 has emerged as the pivotal tool in making PDFs accessible to a wider audience. Furthermore, with this PDF accessibility checker (PAC 2024) being available for free, there is no excuse to ignore PDF accessibility. Indeed, its evolution demonstrates a deep commitment to creating a more inclusive digital environment. Consequently, with PAC 2024, the task of ensuring PDF accessibility has been simplified and made more effective, catering to a diverse range of needs.

Additional PDF Accessibility Resources

In addition to the innovative PAC 2024, axes4 has developed a suite of PDF accessibility software tools designed to enhance digital inclusivity further. CDP Communications is proud to be the official reseller of these transformative tools, including axesWord and axesPDF. These software solutions exemplify axes4’s dedication to improving PDF accessibility, offering comprehensive tools that streamline the process of creating accessible documents. CDP Communications is excited to partner with axes4 in bringing these essential tools to a broader audience, reinforcing our shared commitment to a more accessible digital world.

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