Developer APIs

CDP’s 32-bit developer APIs enable you to process and view the following print data streams:

In addition, our Rendering API is used in conjunction with transform components to provide on-demand conversion and viewing of AFP, Metacode, and line data pages.

The Data Stream Formats table shows the supported transforms available.


  • Supports conversion and rendering of input data print streams
  • Common API supported for all data print stream formats
  • Supports output to:
    • HTML
    • PCL
    • PDF
    • PNG
    • PostScript
    • TIFF
    • Raster Bitmaps
    • Search and Display
  • On-the-fly conversion and rendering, and the ability to cache transformed resources for enhanced performance
  • Fully re-entrant code, allowing concurrent conversion of multiple pages and resources

Why Use CDP Developer APIs

CDP’s APIs can be used for:

  • Extraction of information from formatted print data streams
  • Transformation of print data streams for viewing or reprinting
  • Archiving and indexing of information for reprinting or viewing at a later date