Our 32-bit AFP API quickly transforms Modifiable Object Document Architecture for Printing (MO:DCA-P) into an internal format that transforms overlays and positions the images, shading patterns, and rules on the converted page.  Distribution is via almost any output channel.


  • Conversion of AFPDS Presentation Text into an internal format. This component transforms overlays and positions the images, shading patterns, and rules onthe converted page.
  • Output to multiple graphical channels including:
    • HTML supporting Internet/Intranet
    • PDF
    • Windows GDI
    • PCL and PostScript
    • PNG
    • Search and Display
  • Font conversion facility that vectorizes AFP fonts, allowing different resolutions while retaining visual fidelity
  • Font maps that allow you to map scalable typefaces to AFP fonts
  • Image conversion layer that transforms Image Object Architecture (IO:CA) images into other raster formats

AFP API Features

  • High speed processing of MO:DCA-P pages
  • Rapid Integration
  • Same interface as other conversion APIs
  • No need to learn IBM record formats

AFP API Features

  • Increases productivity – we’ll help you streamline your conversion process of MO:DCA-P documents. This results in a reduction in the time spent on manual formatting tasks, allowing you to focus more on content creation.
  • Cost and time efficient – We’ll help you minimize the need for additional tools or resources.
  • No learning curve – Our intuitive products can seamlessly integrate into existing systems, greatly reducing the need for extensive training or onboarding.
  • Frees up development time – allocate more of your valuable time to innovation and higher-priority tasks.

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