Xerox Normalized Metacode API

Xerox Normalized Metacode API

Our services run deep and are backed by many years of experience. The 32-bit API converts Normalized Metacode into an internal format for distribution via almost any desired output channel.


  • Conversion of Xerox Metacode into an internal format. This component transforms Xerox images, shading patterns, and rules on the converted page.
  • Output to multiple graphical channels including
    • HTML supporting Internet/Intranet
    • PDF
    • Windows GDI
    • PCL and PostScript
    • PNG
    • Search and Display
  • Font and logo conversion facility that vectorizes Xerox fonts and logos, allowing them to be rendered at different resolutions, while retaining visual fidelity
  • Font mapping methodology that allows you to map scalable typefaces to Xerox font
  • Standard JSL used in converting Normalized Metacode
  • Conversion of unencrypted Xerox fonts to TrueType fonts

Xerox Normalized Metacode API Features

  • High speed processing of Metacode pages
  • Rapid Integration
  • Same interface as other conversion APIs
  • No need to learn Xerox record formats

Metacode API Benefits

  • Increases productivity
  • Cost and time efficient
  • No learning curve
  • Frees up development time

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