Xerox DJDE to Normalized Metacode API

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Xerox DJDE to Normalized Metacode API

Our 32-bit DJDE to normalized Metacode conversion API converts line data conditioned by Dynamic Job Descriptor Entries (DJDEs) into normalized Metacode.This allows you to print individual pages on a Xerox laser printer without recycling the print data set.

The DJDE API consists of three major sub-components:

  • A font and logo facility that extracts character information to position textdata on a page
  • A component that tokenizes Xerox Job Source Language
  • A component that uses the JSL tokens to transform line data into Xerox Metacode
Xerox DJDE API Features
  • Simple integration
  • No need to learn IBM or other record formats
  • Uses the same interface as other conversion APIs
Xerox DJDE API Benefits
  • Reduces time to market
  • Frees up development time
  • No learning curve
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