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CDP Communications Inc

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Richmond Hill, ON
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Our Partner

An industry-leading multinational company with e-commerce, data capture, information design, marketing services, digital communications, and print solutions. CDP technology is integrated as part of an ASP initiative for providing high quality, high volume variably imaged print and mail, electronic statement, and database management services.

The Client

A premier provider of voice, video, and data communications to consumers, corporations, and government institutions.

The Challenge

Our partner had developed a bill presentment solution but did not have support for back-end processing of legacy print streams.

The Solution

CDP’s API was integrated into our partner’s document management system for converting AFP to PDF, while Visual Knowledge Manager (VKM)was deployed to provide support for report visualization and document management services.

The Result

The partner’s comprehensive bill presentment system is now in place, processing millions of new customer statements monthly.

For further information on these projects and other opportunities, please contact us at: partnership department

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