STREAMdiff offers precisely what the marketplace is looking for – a competitively priced, high speed print stream comparison application. With companies spending significant time and money developing print applications, there is a genuine need in the marketplace to quickly and easily compare files, said Rick Saarimaki, President and CEO, CDP Communications.

CDP announces the release of STREAMdiff 3.4. Click here to view the new features.

STREAMdiff is a high speed AFP, Metacode, Postscript and PDF print data stream comparison application. In a fraction of the time that a manual approach would take, STREAMdiff performs the tedious and labor-intensive task of comparing two print data streams.

STREAMdiff inspects the visual output of two print data streams to ensure that there are no unexpected differences. Interrogating print stream structures, STREAMdiff provides a detailed list of specific changes and pinpoints the exact location of items that have changed.

With STREAMdiff, print streams are visually compared side-by-side with font, image, and graphics changes easily identified by user-defined change marks such as circles or arrows. The cause of each difference is explained in detail and a drag and drop operation allows for easy acceptance of selected changes.

Preview of STREAMdiff Viewer
Preview of STREAMdiff Viewer