• Customized document data extraction, mining and tagging

  • Visually impaired reader compatible

We also see that the general solution to providing a UA document is to tag and convert the entire page. Usually this means that the UA document would be read top to bottom and from left to right. Again, this doesn’t seem to be the most useful way of delivering information. Who if anyone, wants to have their credit card statement or property tax bill read to them from start to finish.

CDP looked at this carefully and quickly determined that a condensed portion of the information contained in these documents should be delivered. Our belief is that customers would prefer to know who the sender is, confirm that the bill is meant for them, learn what amount is due and when it is due. We would provide a sub-set of the required information as a billing summary and in a UA format. We would also provide some actionable links to allow the customer to pay the bill, go to the billing details or call customer service.

This Billing Summary Information would be deliverable to all MOBILE devices and TABLETS in addition to desktop and laptop devices.
We see this as a more functional approach to the UA requirement while concurrently satisfying the mass of mobile device users. It may also help to get paid quicker.

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