Founded in 1984, CDP was the first software company to release a product that could present IBM Advanced Function Presentation Data Streams and 3211/3800-1 print data streams through a Windows viewer. Known as cdpReportView, the product provided AFPDS presentation where AFP stood for Advanced Function Printing. cdpReportView used an Application Programming Interface or API to convert AFP pages into an internal Print Description Language or PDL called ADEPT and used an API to render ADEPT pages as bitmaps for presentation. CDP released these APIs during the first year that Windows 3.1 was available. Since then CDP has developed:

  • Xerox LCDS and Metacode data stream transforms
  • PostScript transforms
  • PDF transforms
  • PCL transforms
  • AFPDS rendering engines
  • Metacode rendering engines
  • PostScript rendering engines
  • PDF rendering engines
  • HTML rendering engines
  • TIFF rendering engines
  • Contextually meaningful XML rendering engines
  • ADEPT Suite
  • Visual Knowledge Manager (VKM)
  • Print data stream comparison (STREAMdiff)
  • Document Flow Comparison (DocDiff)

CDP has evolved the API and batch applications to be platform independent.Unlike many other print data stream developers, CDP has either developed its transform and rendering engines, or it has obtained source licenses for the third party technology that it uses.