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Print data stream transform, viewing and archival applications, and APIs

About Developer APIs

About Developer APIs

Developer APIs Features and Benefits

Features and benefits of Developer APIs


Our 32-bit AFP API quickly transforms Modifiable Object Document Architecture for Printing (MO:DCA-P) into an internal format that transforms overlays and positions the images, shading patterns, and rules on the converted page.

Line Data API

Our Line Data API allows you to convert IBM's Line Data 1402/3211 and 3800 mod-1 into virtually any desired graphical output.

Xerox Metacode API

The 32-bit Xerox Normalized Metacode API converts Normalized Metacode into an internal format for distribution via almost any desired output channel.


Our 32-bit DJDE to normalized Metacode conversion API converts line data conditioned by Dynamic Job Descriptor Entries (DJDEs) into normalized Metacode.

Rendering API

Our Rendering API is common to all of our conversion APIs. The API takes your converted data from our internal format and renders those pages using 32-bit Graphical Device Interface (GDI) calls compatible with Windows 9x, 2000, NT, and XP.


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