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Visual Knowledge Manager (VKM) is a viewing, archival, retrieval, and distribution system. It provides secure web-based access. VKM dramatically improves productivity and customer service by providing fast access to information stored in your system. VKM can benefit any organization that needs hard copy replacement and on the fly instant access to this information.

VKM Workflow

After logging in, VKM presents the user with a web page work area that lets them easily locate documents through secured index searching or by direct retrieval. The user simply submits a query and VKM provides a list of documents that match the query.

When the user selects a document for viewing, VKM retrieves a copy of the document from the server where the document is stored, opens a viewing window, and displays the document at the requested page.

Since the system stores documents in their original format, VKM converts the document pages as needed into formats that workstations can view, print, fax, or email.

VKM Workflow

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