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Xerox DJDE to Normalized Metacode API

Our 32-bit DJDE to normalized Metacode conversion API converts line data conditioned by Dynamic Job Descriptor Entries (DJDEs) into normalized Metacode. This allows you to print individual pages on a Xerox laser printer without recycling the print data set.

The DJDE API consists of three major sub-components:

  • A font and logo facility that extracts character information to position text data on a page
  • A component that tokenizes Xerox Job Source Language
  • A component that uses the JSL tokens to transform line data into Xerox Metacode
Xerox DJDE API Features

Xerox DJDE API Benefits

Simple integration

Reduces time to market
No need to learn IBM or other record formats

Frees up development time
Uses the same interface as other conversion APIs      

No learning curve