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ADEPT Suite Features and Benefits

ADEPT Suite features and corresponding benefits include:

ADEPT Suite Features

ADEPT Suite Benefits

Input data stream configuration file creation

Automatically and intuitively creates the input data stream configuration file in one easy step
Input data stream preview

Ensures that all resources are available prior to conversion
Visual font mapping Provides on-the-fly font mapping, eliminating the need to run a conversion in order to see your output

Batch transforms

Lowers production costs with unparalleled performance. With the help of multi-threaded processing and highly optimized code, throughput is maximized and turnaround times are reduced

Interactive drag and drop creation of data extraction rules

Quick and easy setup of extraction rules without having to write scripts. Generation of CSV and XML in real time prior to conversion

Data extraction to CSV and XML

Easily deployed into databases or other systems
Batch conversions run on Windows, Solaris, Unix, and AIX

Gives you the ability to choose the platform that's best for your environment
Conversion from Xerox Metacode/LCDS and IBM AFP to PDF, PCL, PostScript, Text, TIFF, HTML, and XML

Lowers report printing costs because expensive Xerox and IBM printers do not need to be purchased or maintained
Compressed PDF output format Reduces document storage costs because of compressed formats

Output files can be split into individual documents

Reduces report distribution costs